Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review

Truth Behind the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review in 2021

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review, the latest folding phone on the market. So it came out on February 14th,  Friday. And over the weekend, of course, the YouTubers who specialized in basically destroying phones went to town destroying the phones. So the challenge jerry-rigged everything who attacks phone displays with Mohs hardness picks to see just how to scratch while they are and gave it a go and discovered it was just as scratch. Well as the Samsung  Galaxy fold, even though this has a  folding glass or ultra-thin glass display abbreviated to you ultra-thin glass.

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And then he poked it even harder and the pixels underneath were damaged in the Oled substrates so that made you think maybe this wasn’t glass. So since everybody posted the news on the tech journalists this weekend and  Samsung respondents said yes and really is ultra-thin glass. But here’s where they could have done better. Yes, it has a polymer layer over the top just like the Samsung Galaxy fold and that is pretty easy to scratch if you’re unwise and you’ve got your fingernail into it.

You will leave a mark underneath.  There is a layer of ultra-thin glass. They say this and in fact, if you don’t believe me it’s there’s proof on the interwebs as there always is of these things. One user Amir shared on Twitter his a  god defect the one looks like in the center crease area just cracked the first time he folded it.

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So Samsung concierge service apparently I hear it gave him a new one in like 24 hours. And  I’m sure they’re trying to figure it out cracked in a classic glass way. And then there’s a channel called pbk that takes things apart too and he actually separated the layers of the display and you can see the top layer is indeed that polymer and then there is a glass layer that’s a shatter once you really start to abuse it.

And then a metal layer behind it, so that’s the story so ok  Samsung thin line that’s great. So what’s wrong with all this well and this is hard for companies to do. I wouldn’t want to be Samsung but they’re saying woohoo it’s the first glass display and promoting it. And not telling you what that means why what’s the point of doing it. Then if it’s still pretty fragile stuff well it has greater clarity so you get richer blacks you get richer colors as well.

And it doesn’t feel so plastically under the finger. That’s those are the benefits right there. But given how thin it is it’s thinner than a human hair, this glass layer can still damage pretty easily. So it’s the same story as with  awful well phones do not poke at it do  not abuse it again if you watched mine.  Samsung Galaxy fold for a month later review you know that it would some care  it actually is fine but you know who you are?

Do you work in the construction industry do you install sprinklers for a  living probably not gonna be the phone for you. Because it’s really hard to avoid grit and particles. They’re gonna get on the screen and your fingers are gonna grind it into the screen, okay so there’s that here’s how Samsung could have done it better.

They could have said it has foldable glass for better clarity and better colors and better feel. Thereby not mentioning durability. If you just go and say it has a glass despite most smartphone users that confer a  level of durability that actually isn’t here. Again it’s not easy being them but you know you don’t want me to say here’s our latest super delicate product either, right? But I’ll give you this they do have an overlay protector on the screen that you are supposed to remove that. In fact just like the galaxy phone says do not poke at the screen do not use pens on the screen.

So they do provide a warning but the marketing materials don’t give you a clue as ever. If the screen is defective as in the case of the one that cracked on the first vault then Samsung replaces it under their one-year warranty. But if you damage it through your own mishaps in this doing then they’ll charge you $119  in the first year. I don’t know how much it’s going to cost after that. So a  little insurance, there’s been worried that they might even provide an extra screen protector on top of what effectively is a screen protector layer if you’re super-duper worried about it.

I  wouldn’t and you’re not supposed to put your own adhesive screen protectors on there. Yeah and for those who are wondering about the technology underneath. There are a couple of companies that Samsung has partnered with for ultra-thin glass. We don’t know exactly which one is the provider. I  actually have a meeting with Samsung tomorrow that happened to be in our town. So that’s convenient whenever I find out  I’ll either make a community poster on Twitter to follow me on Twitter or if it’s really interesting I’ll make another video about that.

This is the state of the industry plastic layer on top ultra-thin glass and then underneath that, you have the actually OLED layer which can be applied either to glass or to bendable plastic. Both of those are perfectly permissible materials to apply the OU leads to that actually make the pretty colors and all that sort of thing. And, of course, there’s a touch being layer two it’s actually remarkable if you watch my moto Razr first look you can see actually because they don’t anchor the screen now. How thin even that screen is and to think that there’s so much going on.

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