Best Wireless Gaming Headset for ps4

Top 7 Best Wireless Gaming Headset for ps4 Expert Review in 2021

Usually, all of the headsets are designed to be used for a long period of time for business meetings or phone calls and gaming. These are designed with long intense gaming sessions in mind. Gaming headsets offer you low latency, immersive sound and a microphone that allows you to communicate with your online gaming buddies. The market is filled with great quality wired and wireless gaming headsets and today we are here with the top 7 wireless gaming headsets that you must see before getting one for yourself.

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1.Sennheiser GSP 370 Over-Ear Wireless Gaming Headset


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Introducing the GSP 670 from Sennheiser. it is a great gaming headset that will give you the freedom that he always wanted well gaming. This headset comes with the low latency technology that is developed by Sennheiser. This technology ensures that we experience a stable uninterrupted near-zero delay connection. It is a wireless headset that comes with  Bluetooth connectivity, it can be paired simultaneously to compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets.

It comes with a powerful battery that allows the hit set to run for up to 20 hours on a  single charge. Now you can enjoy great sound quality while gaming for a longer period of time the USB quick charge feature allows for 2 hours of wireless usage after only 7 minutes of charging the GSP 670 features the best-in-class microphone that minimizes background noise to get the best audio possible.

2. Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One Wireless

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Meet the Razr Nari, a gaming headset that engages your sense of hearing to determine the atmosphere and mood creating a lifelike experience that lets you truly embody your game character. It comes with cooling gel-infused cushions that reduce heat buildup during intense gaming sessions. So that your gaming session remains uninterrupted, it also comes with Auto-adjusting headband that allows maximum adjustability to feed the headset seamlessly onto any head size. It incorporates 2.4 gigahertz wireless audio which ensures that you get lag-free high fidelity gaming audio with a wireless range of up to 12 meters smoothly without any disconnection.

The  Razer Nari features the special audio that goes beyond traditional surround sound by simulating sound in a 360-degree sphere around you. The microphone in the headset picks up sound in a unidirectional pattern to help your online teammates to get crisp and clear audio from you.

3. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

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This the Virtuous a gaming headset from  Corsair that will promise you with uncompromising sound quality well gaming. This wireless headset is powered by a  pair of precisely tuned 50-millimeter high-density neodymium speaker drivers which work relentlessly to ensure exceptional audio performance and consistency. The microphone of this headset can pick up sounds in an omnidirectional pattern so that it can give a super clarity while recording it comes with a split stream Corsair wireless technology. Which increases the frequency response to make your sound more clear accurate and crisp.

The Virtuoso can be connected to different devices through different ways you can choose between either split stream wireless USB wired or the classic 3.5 millimeters wired connection for your device. This headset uses a unique micro perforation process to enable dynamic  RGB lighting to shine through its aluminum air cut plates. You can use the  Corsair IQ software to customize a  headset sound system to match your comfort.

4. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

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Meet the cloud X from HyperX, a wireless  gaming headset that comes with a power to give you a long-lasting  battery life it comes with gaming-grade,  2.4 gigahertz wireless connectivity for you so that you can get the best  wireless sound experience. The cloud X  flight has dense high-quality memory  foam that will keep you continued gaming  comfortably during those marathon gaming  sessions. The durable and adjustable steel sliders are designed to help your headset withstand the perils of daily use.

You can conveniently adjust the mix  of game and chat audio levels with the  built-in hit set chat mixer so you can  balance what you want to hear without having to dig into the in-game or system menus. It features a detachable microphone with led mute indicator that will help you to easily spot whether you are muted or not when you’re not gaming or using the headset. You can conveniently rotate the ear cup comfortably around your neck.

5. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

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Introducing the Arctic’s 1 wireless from SteelSeries, a foreign one wireless  gaming headset to enhance your gaming experience. It comes in a steel range first headband that makes the headset lightweight and durable and it will easily adjust your head. It comes in a  compact USB type-c wireless dongle that will allow you to connect the headset with a Nintendo switch or Android phone when you are on the move but you can also connect it to the other mobile devices for gaming. Because it supports the 3.5-millimeter connection as well.

Its bi-directional mic provides superior noise cancellation so that your voice sounds clear and natural the mic is also detachable to provide better portability while you’re on the go. You can adjust volume mute and microphone and play or pause your media with on headset control buttons that are placed in a convenient location for better reach.  You can tweak your audio to perfection using the SteelSeries Engine software which allows you to fully adjust the equalizer settings, mic level and sidetone control.

6. ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station for PlayStation 4 & PC

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Introducing the A 50 from Astro, a gaming headset that is perfectly engineered to give a versatile gaming performance. this headset comes with extra audio version 2  which provides a precise and smooth  frequency spectrum for detailed true-to-life imaging and location of sound for a competitive age. Its microphone picks up sound in unidirectional patterns which help the microphone to focus on your voice and minimizes background noise. The microphone comes it a flip to mute functionality for more clear and accurate communication.

The microphone also features low latency voice communication with Dolby audio and  optimized chap levels and game sounds with the built-in mix amp technology for a better experience. You can download the free Astra command center software which will give you complete control over your audio experience.

7. ROG Strix Fusion 700 Virtual 7.1 LED Bluetooth Gaming Headset

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The ROG Strix fusion 700 from Asus is a  gaming headset that offers versatile connectivity along with RGB lighting to give you both comfort and elegance at the same time. This headset is fine-tuned by audio engineers. It features an enlarged area around the drivers with an exclusive airtight chamber designed to deliver pristine natural-sounding audio every time. It is equipped with the exclusive Asus sans driver that provides incredibly strong bass and optimized gaming sound. So you’ll hear the details while enjoying an all-around immersive acoustic experience.

It comes with Asus ara RGB  lighting that will allow you to show your style with customizable Aura RGB  lighting. You can choose from over sixteen point eight million color combinations and four preset lighting effects. It can be connected to your device via both USB and Bluetooth so that you can connect it with any supported devices and get high-quality sound. The fusion 700 comes with intuitive touch control that will allow you to easily adjust volume and other commonly used settings on the intuitive touch panel.

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