Razer Blade Pro Review

Razer Blade Pro 17- inch Review 2020 (Pros And Cons)

11 / 100

Razer Blade Pro 17-inch Pros & Cons


  •       Thunderbolt 3, 2.5 Gbit Ethernet
  •       Above-average RTX 2080 Max-Q performance
  •       Great Intel Core i7- 9750H performance
  •       Thinner, more modern design
  •       Updated cooling system
  •       Wi-Fi 6


  • Core i7-9750H is not any faster than the Core i7-8750H
  • Only one (1080p / 144Hz) display option
  • 512GB SSD is pretty cramped for a gaming rig
  • No 4K model

Razer Blade Pro 17- inch Review

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This is the Razer Blade Pro 17 again yeah. We reviewed this earlier in the year so this is going to be an abbreviated review. The reason we have it back is that they finally have the 4k  touchscreen model available. It’s not just a 4k screen okay that’s been there done that right. But it’s a 120  Hertz fast refresh 4k display. There hasn’t been such a thing on the market yet.

So that means it’s not only great for pro Apps to work, we need higher resolution but it’s actually pretty good for gaming too. We’re gonna look at it now so like I  said we already have a review of this model only with the full HD 144 Hertz display. There’s also a 240 Hertz fast refresh display if you want to.

I think bound Royale people, overwatch people are gonna be more into that than anything else. Most games that are triple-A demanding titles are not gonna run at that frame rate anyway. So as always this is a razer blade so this means a black chassis that shows fingerprints but really classy looking the kind. Other than that you know sneak logo in the lid that you can take to work and feel proud of beautiful unibody aluminum design 6.06 pounds which is 2.75 kilograms.

So it’s not exactly light but we are talking a 17-inch laptop here. Power brick adds a couple of pounds of weight to its 230-watt power brick. It buzzes a little bit. I  thought they had gotten that together there and fixed the problem with the capacitors and the buzzing power supplies but ours had a little bit of buzz at times.

The port selection here is phenomenal you got three USB-A, you have two USB-C sliced  Thunderbolt three points, you have HDMI  even have Ethernet. So might be thin but they found a way to squeeze Ethernet in there. of course there is an audio jack and an  SD card slot for you content creators which is certainly a market for this kind of machine now. The thing with the  4k display is they bundle configurations together at razer so if you want the 4k  display you’re also gonna have to go at the highest-end GPU the RTX 2080 max-q.

If you’re gaming with it would make sense because 4k or even if you drop it down the 2k resolution is a lot more demanding but they also make you buy the terabyte nvme SSD instead of a  lower capacity one. You like to upgrade after the fact find something affordable when the budget allows them. That’s why we get up to  $3,700 here and the base price of this if you went with the original model we reviewed.

But the RTX 2060 is $2,500, a lot less. 16 gigs of ram is standard, you can upgrade that yourself there are two RAM slots ddr4 and 2666 megahertz  Ram up to 64 gigs maximum. Ethical stuff about this is the cooling on it and relatively speaking this runs cool for a thin and light laptop they have vapor chamber cooling which is quite effective. And they have four instead of the usual two fans.

The two big main fans over the CPU and GPU area and then two small fans at the front sandwiched between the battery that drives the airflow through the front of the machine and out to the rear of the machine. It works believe me I mean when you see our temperature for the Far Cry new dawn benchmark that is one of the most demanding games. And I was playing at 4k  and 2k resolutions there so I was really pushing it and in high settings. I was actually surprised and it did so well with farcry.

This is the max Q, not the full RTX 2080 but razer get some good performance out of this and in  Razer synapse, I was using the high-performance settings from the CPU and the GPU the speakers on this are phenomenal. They are loud and they are full sounding often thin unlike laptop set isn’t the case and they are up firing and that kind of MacBook Pro sort of design allows for the speakers to be on the side.

So you can hear them better, you also have not one but two m2 SSD  slots in the main one which is nvme and the second slot that supports both  SATA3 and nvme SSDs. This kind of expansion in a gaming laptop also nice it’s very easy to remove the bottom cover just unscrew it and take it off.

And then there’s your stuff it’s easy. If you want to repay stat all that sort of thing you have your razer RGB chroma backlit keyboard perky. With all sorts of lighting effects ripple effects you get it to wave you know anything, you want to do with this. You can do or individually light certain keys I do type on this thank god the keyboards in a normal position which isn’t true of the old razor blade 17-inch model. And you know it’s a short traveling keyboard I’ve grown used to it because so many laptops including all the razer blades have it. And it is what it is. And you have a  Microsoft precision trackpad.

So let’s get to the display because that’s the thing that you’re really here for. Probably it’s a very good display. It’s wide gamut you have almost full Adobe RGB coverage the gamma the white point settings they’re all where they should be for a  good accurate calibration. In fact, it is calibrated at the factory in terms of brightness. It’s not that you know when you’re talking about display that can consume this much power and this is an  IPS display. By the way and 300 nits, so you know that’s not bad at all.

It’s so overall this is a lovely display for content creators and for those people enjoy touchscreens because this is a  touchscreen. However, it is glossy like the most touchscreen. So if reflections drive you crazy when you play games or you just don’t like reflections be warned it’s there. It’s not the worst in terms of reflections that I’ve ever seen but it yeah it has some glare in terms of refresh rate.  You can actually buy it with the RTX 2080 and the  Core i7 9750H CPU which is your only CPU option for this machine.

It’s got enough horsepower to actually get the frame rates up certainly above 60  frames per second. So it’s better than your average 4k display that it’s a 60  Hertz refresh. So even playing something like far cry if you’re playing for quiet  1080p and even times at 2k. You can certainly get into the 80s and the 90s  for your frame rate. And if you’re on those people who play Apex legends or any other Battle Royale or Overwatch wear frame rates typically one really high you’ll enjoy and you’ll appreciate it.

If you are playing a game that really is too demanding to be running even a 2k  resolution machine can handle almost anything. And 2k pretty decently. You can’t just drop down to full HD  resolution so for me I mean if I could afford this I would pick the 4k because of obviously wider color gamut if you can play a 2k why not play a 2k and for content creation for making videos and editing photos.

More resolution is always better more stuff shows on screen more palettes all that sort of thing. And I  like touch screens even on bigger laptops like this. So that’s a Razer blade Pro 17 inch model. There is nothing else like it in terms of the classy build quality and having a 4k 120  Hertz display with wide color gamut as well, of course, it’s going to cost you like I said a lot of money probably most of us can’t afford this but we don’t want.

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