Moto Razr 2020 First Look Review – Foldable Screen Flip Phone

8 / 100

Moto Raze 2020 Specs:

  •       Main internal folding screen: 21:9 aspect ratio, 2142 x 876 pixels, 6.2-inch POLED (plastic OLED)
  •       Front screen: 4:3 aspect ratio, 800 x 600 pixels, 2.7-inch GOLED (glass OLED)
  •       16MP main camera, f/1.7 aperture (no ultra-wide lens or zoom lens)
  •       5MP front-facing camera
  •       Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor
  •       6GB RAM
  •       128GB storage
  •       2510mAh battery capacity
  •       Android 9
  •       15W TurboPower fast-charge
  •       The fingerprint scanner on the front in the bottom ‘chin’
  •       Speakers also mounted in the front chin
  •       One USB-C slot on the bottom of the phone
  •       No expandable storage slot
  •       No SIM slot (the phone uses eSIM)
  •       No headphone jack
  •       No wireless charging

Moto Razr 2020 First Look Review

This is the Moto Razr. I’ve been reviewing phones long enough that I  still have one. why don’t I have a moto? Razr 2020 foldable phone in the house for review because Moto hasn’t sent us for viewers one even though today is  February 6 which is the official release date in the United States for the phone in the United States is exclusive to  Verizon it’s $1,500 in your country it’ll be different.

I think in the UK it’s free for example, so it’s an up and down tall narrow folding phone not to be confused with something like the Galaxy fold. Which is something that opens obviously, is into a tablet form factor right. So the idea what the Razr as it’s been reborn is to become a basically 6.2  inch particularly tall and a little bit narrow phone. 

That’s not unlike the phone that you use when it’s opened up. So why make that sort of thing? The idea is I  think for me personally less appealing but for some of you it might be you like a big-screen phone. So you were looking if you’re looking at the Samsung’s and a  galaxy s 10 plus big screen phone but it’s too much for your pocket or your hands or whatever.

 So you end up getting an S10 for a test cuz it’s smaller. Well, here it is now you’ve got something that’s fairly compact kind of square which fits in smaller pockets that’s the idea. So moto showed a lot of hubris in their webpage and their PR information as saying oh it’s a durable phone you don’t have to be too careful about It. It’s water not IP water a dust-resistant in the least bit but it’s the usual  Motorola sort of like rain-x approach to things so what are my beat up and all that sort of thing it’s not a phone.

 I  would use on the driving rain let’s put it that way and I would be careful of dirt and dust. I would be even more careful of dirt and dust because he as you can see we went to our local Verizon store to take a look at the unit there and indeed the way they mounted the display is interesting. 

There’s less of a  crease in the middle noticeably less than the Samsung galaxy phone. Because they have a little plate that comes up in the center spine area to push up against the folding display. But also they left it free-floating so the galaxy falls. So it looks like a  very durable and robust device.

 Because it has a frame around the entirety of the display to protect it and it has end caps on the hinges. This one as you can see. You can indeed it’s no joke pulled this up pretty easily with your fingernail in the middle imagine what’s gonna get under there? So yeah it’s a plastic OLED display. The front display on this is considerably smaller and it’s not really meant to do anything with unlike the Samsung Galaxy fold which has a four-point six-inch fold Android interface. On the front screen, the front display on this is 600  by 800 pixels and it is a touch screen. It is glass but most of the time it just tells you’d open up to do anything. It’s there to see notifications but mono actions do make use of it so just like your sleep screen you can see information on it.

And if you do that double twist of the wrist thing that I’m terrible at to launch the camera. That’s how you launch the front selfie camera that’s that big disk below. The display is the selfie cameras and you can take pictures with them. The camera just looking at the results on the phone screen after taking the pictures one was not that great now motors strongpoint isn’t the camera.

 But I wasn’t really excited 16-megapixel rear camera 5-megapixel front-facing. These are things that they could improve their software or something like the camera. But for fifteen hundred dollars versus say two thousand dollars for the Samsung Galaxy phone the specs are a lot lower this concerns me too right now.

 Folding displays aren’t expensive things to make. so once you say oh my god it’s expensive to make you might as well go flagship. Because you’re looking at people who are willing to spend a lot of money from really high-end stuff. So Samsung with the galaxy phone went for the snapdragon  855 the fastest at the time 12 gigs of ram 512 usage six cameras. 

So this one has six gigs around 128 gigs of storage and the Snapdragon 710. Which is the last range last year’s mid-range  Qualcomm CPU. The specs on it are not that impressive day-to-day use you can see me flipping through the user interface on android 9 it will get  Android 10.

 But when I did things like launch games on it and you could see some a little stutter and a little lag. So for $1,500  you kind of want to have at least a  performance there even if you have a really neat screen. You have to be careful of anything would be to have it be really performant. 

It’s 205 grams which aren’t that light but it feels pretty light so that’s a good thing.  And a bad thing you know wonderful and that feels like you’re it’s going to pull down your pants below the fashionable drooping pants level. But it feels slightly almost plastic and cheap but it’s not metal and it’s glass on the outside so it’s pretty slim. it’s pretty light that’s nice the look is pretty cool.

 I like the fingerprint scanner under the chin and I  like the fact that even the box which is a really pretty obelisk acts like a  speaker amplifier conduit thing. It has little holes and stuff like that and it holds it upright. So you put it in there and it might amplify the speaker because well it’s a good thing because the speakers on this are actually very wimpy. 

So there you have it my first impressions of the 2020 Moto Razr.  I’m not feeling super positive at the moment but I look forward to maybe eventually getting a review unit in and to test it in further detail but some of those caveats are still gonna be there I  don’t like a screen where you can lift it up from the middle.

 For example and where things can get underneath it. That’s not going to change nor will the mid-range specs. But it has made me maybe appreciate the Galaxy Fold which I ended up having to buy see more robust and impressive then I do appreciate it more.

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