LG Gram 17-inch Full Review 2020 (Pros & Cons)

13 / 100

LG Gram 17-inch 2020 Pros & Cons


  • Lightest 17-inch laptop ever
  • Amazing battery life
  • Efficient processing for general productivity
  • Excellent everyday performance
  • Thunderbolt 3 support


  • No discrete graphics
  • Slow SATA 3 SSD
  • The speakers and keyboard could be better

LG Gram 17-inch Full Review

The 2020 LG gram, their 17-inch model. Now LG normally sends out a laptop to me every year last year I skipped the video on it because they didn’t really change enough of it from the previous year. I felt like it just wasn’t particularly impressive to me this year. However, they tweaked a bunch of stuff to the point where I feel like I have to make a review because there’s a bunch of cool stuff going on now. Most of the changes are on the inside so we’ll start there I open this in advance because this is a very difficult laptop to open.

 I didn’t want to do it in the middle of the video not only do you have a bunch of things to unscrew but you have to peel off these rubber feet they’re double-sided tape and it’s just a lot of work. So if you do want to get this device it’s something to keep in mind it’s not the easiest thing to get into. Now inside there are a couple of things that haven’t changed. First, they still have a  single RAM slot so you get eight gigs that are on board as well as a single slot that you can upgrade if you want and there’s also the Wi-Fi card. This is running the latest Intel card that supports Wi-Fi six but there are three big changes on the inside that I think is fantastic. The first one is the drives this system is now running finally PCIe nvme x’ which means that they’re super fast the old LG grams.

Basically, every single LG gram that’s ever come out ever has run these slower SATA drives which were really weird to put into such a  premium device like this these are now running super-fast PCIe drives. The second big change they’ve made is the battery this is now an 80-watt hour battery. Last year was 72 so that’s like a 10% increase but it is noticeable so battery life on this is a nine and a  half hour system which is very impressive for a 17-inch screen. 

The third change and this is the most important one for me it’s the thermal system. So, last year sort of two years ago and the model last year didn’t have great thermals on the 15-inch model because it’s just a super-thin device that’s super light you’re limited they have changed the fan to the point where  I would now call it a good performance.

 It’s not an amazing performer it’s still an LG gram. So I guess in the realm of ultrabooks it’s average maybe even slightly below average. Because the  Gram uses a 15 watt CPU instead of the more common 25 watts but this year it can finally maintain a slight turbo clock unlike before. These are running the 10th  Gen Intel CPU  so they have pretty good CPU performance and significantly better GPU performance than their previous generation. 

So they’re good for photo editing and usable I guess for video editing. But because of the lower CPU wattage is not as powerful as some other ultrabooks but the overall takeaway is that this is a  way better performer than any other LG  gram previously gaming performance. If you’re interested is okay it is playable for games that aren’t super demanding but it’s not a gaming laptop.

 So let’s take a look at the screen and I’m going to close this up in a very quick fashion but the screen is now if you’ll notice this whole time this laptop was on normally when I shoot videos. I don’t turn my laptop’s on because my mic is quite sensitive and it’ll pick up any kind of fan noise. Even really quiet ones but this one are silent.  It’s an inaudible fan on idle and even unloads it’s a very quiet system. 

Now, this screen is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio instead of your standard 16 by 9. So you get a little bit more vertical room and it’s a huge screen at 17 inches it’s a  solid screen. It’s 1440p good brightness good color accuracy this resolution and aspect ratio combo is I mean it’s relatively unique to this device. It’s an  LG panel on the LG laptop but it’s just a nice screen for people that are into any kind of creative work or productivity-focused workflows now.

 This large 17-inch screen is really its most unique feature like it’s a big screen in a three-pound laptop just to put this into perspective. This weighs less than the 13-inch MacBook Pro. This is under three pounds the MacBook pro is slightly over three pounds like it’s super lightweight for having such a large screen. Now the way they’ve been able to achieve this lightweight is through builds in particular the material they’re using. It’s this magnesium alloy they’ve used it in all of their previous  LG grams as well it’s not a particularly rigid material, right? It has the flexibility to it you’ll see like even on the screen right here it’s got some Bend.

But it lasts it’s very durable, I actually think this material holds up well over time but it’s not a super stiff laptop. If that’s what you were looking for the speakers are located on the bottom again they don’t sound great but I wasn’t expecting too much from them. 

Now the keyboard is something they’ve also improved a little bit their old one like the 17-inch model from last year used the same keyboard layout as ar-15. Like they didn’t take advantage of the larger chassis and they just stuck the 15-inch keyboard into the 17-inch chassis. Which was silly, they’ve tweaked it this year to actually take advantage of the wider space so the layout is a  little more spacious the backspace and  Shift key are full-size keys and there’s also a bigger number pad if you’re a  number pad user. 

And there’s also a  fingerprint sensor in the top right corner of the keyboard the keys themselves are a little soft like I don’t feel like they are as responsive as I’d like them to be. But I think most people can get used to this keyboard and actually enjoy it pretty readily trackpad. It’s a good trackpad it’s got a  glass surface nice texture.

 If you’re coming from a MacBook and somehow you’re interested in this big-screen device I  will say that this isn’t as good as a  MacBook trackpad if that’s like the gold standard and I would say that it is but it’s a good track that I like it. Okay ports just to wrap this up there’s two things that I think are important here the Thunderbolt 3 port  supports charging again but they still  have a regular barrel plugged AC adapter. 

I don’t know why they do that I feel  like on a device like this they should  just have a USB C charger to use PC  charge everything it’s got three EPA’s which is nice and a micro SD slot. This is good for some people but I think a  full-size SD card slot would be better but I think the overall port selection on this device is fair.

 Now the pricing, I don’t know the exact pricing quite. Yet this is kind of like a pre-release model  I will say though that compared to previous generations of LG grams. You’re getting something that feels appropriate right like the whole package feels uncompromised. I feel like they’ve done a  good job this year so if you’re interested in something that’s super thin super light it’s literally the lightest 17-inch device in the world right now and has good performance considering what you’re getting check out the LG gram.

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