HP ZBoook 17 G6 Quick Specs Review 2020 (Pros and Cons)!

16 / 100

HP ZBook 17 G6 Quick specs:

                                    USB-C 3.1 Gen 2, power port

                                    2x Type-A USB 3.1

  • Dimension: 416 x 288 x 33 mm (16.38″ x 11.34″ x 1.30″)
  • Weight: 3.20 Kg
  • Power: Compact 95.6W USB-C power adapter


  • Excellent Performance
  • Amazing 4K Screen with Color Calibrator
  • Eight core Intel Xeon Graphics
  • Nvidia Quadro RTX Graphics
  • Above Average audio


  • Super Expensive
  • Average Battery life
  • Heavy and Bulky

HP ZBook 17 G6 Expert Review 2020:

This is the HP Z book 17 g6. It’s a  mobile workstation, HP does make thinner and lighter mobile workstations for  those of you who are already thinking about the 2005 call and wants its laptop back. Yes, it’s a big seven pounds which is 3.2  kilograms. So compared to you today’s gaming laptops at seventeen point three  inches it’s not that heavy but it’s thirty-three point eight millimeters. 

So it is pretty thick but the point of this is the point that you can do this but you have something that is so incredibly powerful. you can get this with up to a  core i9 eight-core CPU  or an  Intel Xeon as well. And let’s do some money to do that but it’s extremely powerful and up to Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 graphics and now AMD Radeon Pro 550M for those who prefer Radeon graphics cards. You can go up to 128 gigs of memory, you have three M2 SSD slots and a hard drive and an  HP dream color 4k display wide gamut one of the nicest buy.

 This is on the market for professional use, we are gonna look at it now so those of you who are considering something like an HP  Spectre x-360 clearly this is not your kind of laptop. This is for corporate buyers who have plenty of money to spend.  I will get into the pricing in a minute. This is for people who are doing serious kinds of content creation on the go. 

And  I don’t even mean just doing maybe a  couple of multi-stream 4k videos for  YouTube kind of thing. I’m talking about  VR development, not VR consumption. You don’t need something that’s powerful potential for that 3d rendering. So that’s why this exists and that’s why it’s a big honking machine. There are other mobile workstations that are kind of passable if you must use them on the go.

 This one makes few compromises: you’re not going to be running back to your desktop and desperation. Unless you have the world’s most complicated via our project going on. So you can get this  with a 4k dream color display and  588 dollars more and that’s a matte display it’s IPS technology and it’s wide gamut and there’s a little color calibration sensor built right into the  keyboard deck area. Which is kind of nice and there are five pre-calibrated profiles so Adobe RGB srgb DCI p3 you get the idea. 

 They did a pretty good job.  Sometimes the  gamut suffers it gets a little bit narrow in the interest of making it color accurate. Overall they did a good  job for our gamut tests which you’ll see.  I ran it at the Adobe RGB preset before testing him there is a full HD about 95%  of srgb display for those of you who are not doing content where that really matters so much the color quality and  all that sort of thing and there’s a  fork a touch screen option listed as it’s not dreaming color as far as I can see also 95% of srgb that’s on HP’s website as a potential feature. I didn’t see a  way to order that you can get this with up to 128 gigabytes of ddr4 2666  megahertz ram.

 Two slots are accessible, two  slots are not so accessible you have to flip the other side of the motherboard on it. So each piece typically populates at the topless accessible slots. First to make life easier for you.  This has 3 M2 SSD slots, Two Nvme one is  SATA 3. And there’s a two and a half-inch hard drive, such two and a half inch SSD  Bay there as well. And yes there is that  modular blu-ray writer and there’s actually a different module you can snap it. Apparently that has yet another M2  savagery bang on board.

And we have a ninety-five point six-watt hour battery which is getting close to the limit of what airlines that let you carry onboard.  That’s why you don’t see 100 or higher capacity batteries. So it has Intel UHD  630 graphics as well so switchable graphics. So those times when you’re using it and you’re not doing something demanding you don’t have to tank the battery life quite so fast, good that. 

So this past 21 mil STD rugged tests, it has a magnesium and aluminum casing it has  HP as usual BIOS guard protection. All of the stuff that you would expect, it has a  fan print scanner. Windows hello IR  camera is optional and there is a webcam privacy slider switch up top. 

For something this size, you’d expect a lot of ports. You have HDMI 2.0, you have a mini DisplayPort,  you have two thunderbolts, three ports onboard, a port Ethernet full-size SD  card slot, a smart card reader and pretty much everything that you could think of.  And it can support up to four displays and just unit in itself without a dock at 4k resolution. And that includes the internal built-in panels. 

So go down there, in terms of performance and cooling they say it’s 20% improved thermals from the previous generation. I  didn’t get to review the previous generation so I can’t say if that is true or not but I can tell you that we have the Intel Xeon model with the  NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 card which in consumers speak is closest to the Nvidia  RTX 2080 card. Only this one has 16  gigabytes of gddr5 Ram versus the 8. 

And the consumer card set super-powerful internals here and I was impressed not only at the benchmark numbers and the speed at which it rendered when I tested out blender and programs like that. And spec Review perk tests which usually take from it ran so fast on this. But the thermals were good in terms of CPU core temperatures which are usually the problem with any laptop, even a thick one.

  It’s pretty hard to get it to break the  90s, really go above 95 doesn’t happen very often. More timeless than that. So yes there’s plenty of performance here the fan noise is not annoying or egregious on this. It’s well cooled, it’s well done big thick laptop means pretty roomy nice comfortable keyboards backlit and white. It’s spill-resistant. I have no complaints, you have a number pad.  There’s plenty of room for that number pad. 

It’s nice to type on good tactile feel-good travel. So content creators will enjoy that and we have a  nice trackpad with dedicated buttons and the eraser stick style pointer that is popular with ThinkPads.

  And that’s a Microsoft Precision trackpad, it works just fine too. No complaints with them. The speaker’s holders are surprisingly good which is good in case you’re a content creator who actually does audio to which this is perfectly capable of doing stereo Bang &  Olufsen branded speakers. HP usually goes with Bang and Olsen branding; their 74  decibels of audio is pretty loud for a  laptop. Yeah, it’s full, it’s rich it’s loud, and getting inside is super easy.  

You can see that much but not everything is readily accessible if you want to get to the rest of the stuff then it does mean unscrewing a Torx t6 and other Phillips head screws to take off the rest of the bottom cover. Here are two available user-accessible RAM slots without having to take more of it apart. There’s a two and a half-inch drive bay and here are two SSD drive bays also here’s where you would get the 4G LTE module install. 

Have you opted for them? The battery is itself removable without having to take anything apart? which is kind of cool, you just slide these forward, grab a little pull strip and look at that so, in theory, no tools. You could just actually take off this bottom cover and swap a battery in and out on the field that’s something you just don’t see much anymore. If you want to get to the rest of the stuff like I said you got to take more of it apart from two big fans you can’t see much of them here. 

But those are very large fans which we need with this much horsepower inside. So that’s the HP Z book 17 g6  it’s 2020 and this is one of the most  powerful mobile workstations that you  can get and HP is giving you everything  they could possibly cram into a very large chassis laptop. Like I said this is  not for you everyday consumers out there looking at the pretty consumer as l am in life laptops. 

Obviously this is purpose-built for those people who need to do 3d  rendering VR development. It’s serious data analysis all of those kinds of things on the go and it costs a pretty penny to make mobile workstations make corporations.