Best Slimline Dishwasher

Best Slimline Dishwasher to Buy in 2021

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If your Kitchen needs a compact dishwasher but you don’t have enough space to accommodate a full-size dishwasher?  Then, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.The full-size dishwasher is more desirable but many people don’t have enough space to place one in their kitchen. For those consumers, our experts hand-picked the 13 best slimline dishwashers to buy in 2020. The slimline dishwashers are great for saving a lot of space. These are usually 15cm thinner than the normal one. Even though they are small, they still have a compact design and hold up all the features of its big brother.

Many big brands are making integrated slimline dishwasher for the market. And there are a lot of models with a lot of different features available. There are top range one’s that come with all the whilst and then there are basic ones that just get the job done.Let’s take a look at our 14 best integrated slimline dishwashers. Our expert’s mini-review will give you enough information to help you buy the best integrated slimline dishwasher for your home.

Integrated models posses that slim feature. Therefore, it makes them a great option for those with tight cabinet space and wishes for their model to blend in with the kitchen style.Integrated slimline dishwashers are quite limited on the market. In turn, they are generally more expensive than freestanding. However, most models available are great assets.

1. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 7-Gallon

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Bosch is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to the Dishwasher. So it is no surprise to see Serie 2 in the first place. The Bosch Serie 2 will be a great choice for your kitchen. It is one of the most compact dishwashers made by Bosch.It also has an amazing feature that cleans up your dish in just 29 minutes. This feature can be very handy if you have many things to do.

And one of the great features of Serie 2 is its built-in  Eco-Silence feature. This is an amazing feature for you if you don’t like too much noise.Another best feature is it’s Active Water Technology. This feature ensures the dishwasher uses every drop of water. It will also save your bills.If you’re looking for the best slimline dishwasher for your kitchen this could be the one.

Top Feature:

  •       9 place setting capacity
  •       A+ on energy efficiency.
  •       9 place settings.
  •       Active water technology.
  •       A rated performance for washing and drying.
  •      48 dB noise level.

2. Farberware Professional FCD06ABBWHA Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher

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Beko is another great manufacturer for dishwasher. It has 5 program settings from eco to intensive. It has an amazing quick 30 settings that cleans up your dishes in just 30 minutes. If your dishes needs a rough wash you should put it on intensive settings.It also has an function called “half load” that saves time when you run a smaller load. It also gives an A+ energy rating. In terms of the best slimline dishwasher beko is highly efficient and also cheaper.

Top Feature:

  •       10 place settings capacity.
  •       30 to 58 minutes quick washes.
  •       5 program with 4 temperature to choose from.
  •       49 dB noise level.
  •       Half load function.
  •       A+ energy rating.

3. SPT SD-2225DW Compact Countertop Dishwasher

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If you’re looking for a perfect freestanding slimline dishwasher, Indesit would be a perfect choice. It is perfect for small and high maintenance kitchen. It has ten place settings. It also has an A+ energy rating. It is eco-friendly and can also save your bills. The indesit dishwasher is very user friendly. It has easy to use dial button.

Indesit’s drying function has one of the highest ratings for quality. If you’re looking for the best freestanding dishwasher at a cheaper price this could be the one.

Top feature:

  •       10 place settings.
  •       User friendly, easy to use.
  •       5 programs to choose from.
  •       51 decibel noise level.
  •       A+ energy rating.

4. SD-9263SS: 18″ Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

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Surprised to see another Beko in the list?! Well, the Beko DFS04010W is full of many impressive features. The Beko DFS04010W is perfect for smaller kitchens, this slimline dishwasher comes with a choice of 4 programs.

Its half load function is great for when you have fewer dishes and glasses to wash, saving you water, time and energy. For easier and more flexible loading, the cutlery basket can be removed to create extra room for your larger dishes, pans and bowls. If you want clean, dry and super-shiny dishes, this model’s clean & shine program can have your dirtiest items spotless and ready to use in just 90 minutes. Great for when you’re in a hurry, the mini 30′ program can wash a full load of slightly dirty dishes in just 30 minutes.

Top Feature:

  •       10 place settings
  •       4 programs
  •       4 temperature settings
  •       Eco-friendly
  •       Half-load function
  •       A+ energy rating

5. Farberware Professional FCD06ABBWHA Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher

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AEG is a little expensive for a Dishwasher. But it surely offers you a ton of useful features for the price. The AEG FFB53940ZM is one of a kind when it comes to the freestanding dishwasher. It has 14 place settings and it is great for medium-sized household.

It has a 24 hour delayed start feature. If you’re in a hurry, don’t worry. AEG has a great feature that washes the dishes in just 30 minutes. It also has an awesome feature called AirDry technology drying system. The door opens at the end of the cycle for natural air drying. It also has an energy class of A+++.

Top Feature:

  •       14 place settings
  •       24 hour Delayed start
  •       30 minute quick wash
  •       AirDry Technology System
  •      Energy Class Rating A+++

6. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser


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The last freestanding dishwasher of our list is Hotpoint HSFE1B19B Aquarius. A great slimline dishwasher for small households. It has a 10 place settings system. It has 49-decibel noise level, which is lower than having a conversation in a room.

A great feature of this dishwasher is 8 hour delay time. You can run the dishwasher whenever you like. It also has 8 programs to choose from. This Eco-friendly dishwasher also has an A+ energy rating to save your money on bills. This could be the best freestanding slimline dishwasher for your small apartment.

Top Feature:

  •       10 place settings capacity
  •       49 decibel noise level
  •       8 hour delay timer
  •       8 programs
  •       A+ energy rating

7. Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher

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Danby is dominating our list with their best slimline dishwashers. Bosch’s Serie 2 is a fully integrated slimline dishwasher. It has a noise level of 48 decibels. And that is lower than having a conversation. So, you can say that it’s super silent. It also has a capacity of 9 place settings with two pull out trays. And I think that is enough for most families. One of the amazing features of Serie 2 is it has a child lock system what prevents children from unintentional pulling during the cycle of rinse.

It also has an aquamix protection for drinking glasses. Other features are active water hydraulic water system and automatic detergent detection.

Top Feature:

  •       9 Place settings capacity
  •       48 decibel noise level
  •       ActiveWater technology
  •       Aquamix Glass Protection
  •       Child Lock System
  •       Energy class A+

8. Farberware Professional FCD06ABBWHA Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher 

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This integrated slimline dishwasher has 13 place settings whilst maintaining it’s neat aesthetics. It has a feature of 6 program settings with intensive and economic options. It also has a unique feature of automatic temperature selection and automatic detergent dispenser.

This energy-efficient model has an A++ rating and it cleans dishes up to 13 place settings. White Knight has a noise level of 49 decibels. So, it is super quiet. This is dishwasher is best for open plan living.

Top Feature:

  •       13 Place Settings Capacity
  •       49 Decibel Noise Level
  •       6 Program Settings
  •       Automatic Temperature Selection
  •       Energy Efficiency Class A++

9. SD-9254SS: Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher 

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The best thing about CDA is they have a 5 years part and 2-year labor warranty. It has 10 place settings capacity. CDA offers the most space than other integrated models. It has an A++ energy rating which saves your money and keeps your bills low. It has a noise level of 49 decibels and it is lower than a usual conversion. The CDA WC432 consumes 11L of water per cycle. The built-in active drying fan dries your dishes quickly.

Top Feature:

  •       Energy efficiency class A++
  •       49 decibel Noise level
  •       10 Place Setting Capacity
  •       Active drying technology
  •       5 Years Part & 2 Years Labor Warranty

10. Frigidaire 18 in. ADA Compact Front Control Dishwasher

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Hoover makes one of the quickest dishwashers for the consumers.  This Hoover HDI1L038S-80 has a capacity of 13 place settings. This Hoover dishwasher has an amazing feature called One Touch. This one-touch feature allows you to control, monitor and manage the appliance via your mobile device through a Hoover Wizard App. It also has a start delay feature. This feature allows you to delay the start of the wash for 3,6,9 hours. And this can be a handy feature for anyone.

It has a noise level of 53 decibels which is roughly below the sound level of having a conversation. It also has 5 program settings and has a salt indicator light. This machine also has an energy class of A+ Rating. This dishwasher will be great for semi-large houses.

Top Feature:

  •       13 Place Settings Capacity
  •       One Touch App
  •       3,6,0 Hour start delay
  •       Noise level of 53 decibel
  •       Energy class of A+ Rating

11. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser

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BOSCH’s fully integrated design gives your kitchen a sleek and uniform look. Not many dishwasher’s can offer you a 12 place settings capacity. It has a 12 place settings capacity and a height adjustable top basket. This dishwasher is designed to give you an excellent cleaning result without wasting any energy, detergent or water. This ActiveWater dishwasher is an excellent addition to any home. With four wash programmes you’ll get terrific results from every cycle. The VarioSpeed special option cleans in up to half of the time!

The handy InfoLight projects a red LED onto you floor while your cycle is in progress. With a nine-hour delay timer, you can start your wash at a time that suits you. It holds up to 12 place settings and the top basket is even height adjustable so you can fit in those bigger pots and pans.

DosageAssist detects the type of detergent and adjusts the cycle for the best results from your load. LoadSensor technology ensures less water and energy is used for smaller loads and AquaMix regulates the hardness of the water, protecting more delicate from corrosion.

With an energy rating of A+, you can enjoy lower bills with this dishwasher. AquaStop protects you against water damage with a double-walled hose, safety valve and floor sump. It’s fully integrated and has a noise level of just 50dB.

Top Feature:

  •       12 Place Settings Capacity
  •       Energy class A+ Rating
  •       4 Programs
  •       ActiveWater Technology

·       50 Decibel Noise Level

Even though we try to test the product individually, it is often time-consuming not so practical. Instead, we found out other people who have purchased and try to know what feedback do they have. Which helps us get a clear understanding of the products.

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