Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 200

Top 7 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $200 in 2021

The mechanical keyboard raises the bar when it comes to quality switches framing and functionality. It can improve your gaming performance and make it more enjoyable. Choosing a good mechanical keyboard under $100 is not an easy task. We have tested a few mechanical keyboards to find the best option for you and in this, review we will show you the top seven mechanical keyboards that you can buy under $100. Here are the the top 7 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $200 in 2021 which review our expert

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Here is the list of Top 7 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $200 in 2021.

1. CORSAIR K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The car Corsair K68 mechanical gaming keyboard features Cherry MX red mechanical gaming case which is super responsive. The gold contact mechanical key switches keyboard has a full key rollover to ensure your commands and simultaneous keystrokes are always registered the way you intended. No matter how fast your gaming your key presses will always register correctly. It’s brilliant to read backlighting enhances your experience and gives it a  moral loop.

The lighting effects are programmable with the CORSAIR Utility engine. The keyboard is water and dust resistant boasts an IP 30 ready. The keyboard is very rigid has a great build quality and designed in such a way to provide excellent gaming performance. The case estate supports windows key lock mode so that you can stay focused on accidental keypress functions. It also has dedicated multimedia and volume control buttons to adjust volume immediately without interrupting the game.

CORSAIR has protection on the keyboard by implementing a translucent silicon sheet above the PCB. The keyboard is only $89 and a great choice for improving your gaming experience.

2. Logitech G512 Carbon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Logitech has brought the G512 through brilliant innovation of design and technology.It features the new Romer-G switches. The original Romar-G has a tactile bump where’s the new one is completely smooth. The Logitech G512  Carbon is available with three different switches Romar-G tactile, Romar-G linear and the clicky GX blue. The advanced mechanical switches are responsive and durable the g512 has a minimal design and beautiful aesthetic aircraft-grade aluminum alloy provides no slippery and started chassis for the unbeatable gaming experience.

It uses fully customizable parky RGB light and gamers could get amazing dynamic lighting experience with live sync technology in games. The keyboard is customizable with approximately sixteen point eight million color choices/. They use the pass-through is a cool feature that allows you to connect any device directly to the keyboard. Using Logitech  G hub you can configure burners for media and lighting effects. This keyboard is also a good choice for gamers under  $100.

3. SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Apex 5 is one of the best gaming keyboards. It is the first hybrid mechanical clicking switches. The keyboard is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame manufactured for unbreakable durability and starting as’  the hybrid blue mechanical gaming features are guaranteed for 20 million key presses. Its premium magnetic wrist rest provides full pump support and comfort.

It has millions of color options for making the ultimate gaming setup you will never lose a keyphrase because of its anti-ghosting feature. The dedicated clickable male roller and media Keys allow you to adjust volume and settings on-the-fly all. At the touch of a button while the college smart display on a  keyboard can be used for onboard profiles animated gifs and notification. It also has a cable routing feature to make this keyboard more premium.

4. Alienware Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AW310K

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The Alienware AW310k features industry-leading cherry MX red switches for better control with smooth triggering. It is made of 5000 series aluminum for complete robustness and reliability. The Cherry MX red switches with wide backlighting give it a pretty decent look. The slim floating key architecture of the keyboard looks iconic. The chassis feels really solid. The surface and all the texture are nice for better adjustment on the table, you will get small feet and big feet on the back of the keyboard.

The dedicated media keys are helpful for controlling multimedia without interruption and there is a pass-through for convenient air transfer the keyboard can be customized with the Alienware software.

5. HyperX Alloy FPS – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The HyperX lawyers peace Pro is designed for compact and ideal gaming anytime anywhere. The solid steel frame keyboard makes it more durable and reliable. The  HyperX line has focused on portability. With detachable cables, the keyboard features industry-standard Cherry MX  mechanical key switches. It is available with Cherry MX blue brown or red key switches so you will get the switches that feature set up the detachable cable makes the keyboard ultra-portable.

This  87 key keyboard provides everything a  pro player needs but doesn’t on the pad. It is also packed with features like game mode and key rollover. And hyper X red lighting and dynamic effects to accentuate your system style.

6. Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M White LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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If you are looking for a gaming keyboard  without any distracting software, the  MasterKeys pro-M white can be a good option for you. The keyboard can light up  relevant keys for specific games so that you can learn the in-game keybinds faster.  The two master keys wide series in plus an exclusive combination of roll of our technologies. For the most efficient  accurate anti goes to technology.

Yet the keyboard is outfitted with a turn to beat the ARM Cortex processor that empowers the keyboards independent functions. It requires no software for customization all the adjustments can be done right on the keyboard. The masterkey’s implements a rich bright white LED is to enhance the gaming experience. A reflective metal plate built into the keyboard amplifies the brightness of the whites that allow visibility of your case during team sessions. It also has multiple lighting modes such as lightwave breathing and unique response effects.

7. Cougar Puri Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

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The Cougar Puri is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches which gives you a level of input accuracy that knocks off mechanical switches. It comes with a solid magnetic color  to protect the keyboard. Cougar purI RGB is a highly portable advanced FPS competitive gaming keyboard Puri’S minimalist design that brings you all the key features of the pro gaming keyboard without charging extra cash. To adjust the keyboard properly on the table you can choose one of three different angles to optimize your preference.

The quality and design of the keyboard packs all the features that any pro gamer would need in a competitive environment. The cable can be detached from the keyboard which makes the keyboard handier. It has four dedicated multimedia keys that will allow you to mute the audio or change its volume as well as play or stop the current track.

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