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Top 7 Best External Hard Drive Expert Review in 2021

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An external hard drive is necessary whether you are carrying movies games or sensitive work files with you. There are a  lot of external storage options available in the market. However, getting the perfect external storage that gives you the best and fastest performance while giving you the peace of mind. And I’m here to help you choose the best portable external drive. We have listed the top seven external hard drives that you can get.

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Here is the list of 7 Best External Hard Drive in 2021.

1. LaCie Mobile Drive 2TB External Hard Drive HDD

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The LaCie mobile drive is a metal skin drive that looks solid and premium. This hard drive articulates the beauty and importance of premium space. It supports up to five terabytes of storage so that you can easily store 500,000  high-resolution photos and 165 hours of videos. For ultra-fast transfer, it has reversible USB type-c cable with USB 3.1  generation 2 or Thunderbolt 3 port and compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can backup files automatically with a  single click or schedule automatic backup. The one-month free Adobe  Creative Cloud plan will let you work flawlessly.

2. Seagate Backup Plus Hub 4TB External Hard Drive Desktop HDD

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The Seagate backup plus hub offers massive storage options to backup all your important files. The backup plus hub offers up to 10 terabytes of storage and  USB 3.0 hub optional. This drive features to our and 56 beat AES encryption and password protection to give you more security. It comes with a USB type a cable a USB  type-c adapter for additional connectivity.

You will get a  complimentary two months membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud photographer plan for access to awesome photo and video editing apps. The backup plus hub requires an 18-watt power adapter and weighs just 2.34 pounds. If you’re looking for good storage for your desktop the Seagate backup plus has a  good choice.

3. WD 4TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

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Western Digital my book is fast reliable and less expensive external hard drive than others. This drive is perfect for storage solutions if you are looking for a device to host a vast amount of video and project files. It has a  minimalist and uniform design to steady grips on the bottom and the glosses plate on the body gives the device a  more look though. The device is heavier than most external drives.

The drive has a 12-volt power socket on the back end a  micro USB output port although most modern drives are moving toward USB type-c the drive does not have that feature. Instead of that, it uses its old micro  USB 3.0 port one of the major benefits of my book is. Its massive storage up to 8 terabytes my book drives built-in 256 bit AES hardware encryption with WD Security tools helps keep your content private and safe.

4. Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch 2TB External Hard

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The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch comes in one terabyte and two terabyte capsules. It is covered with woven fabric that gives this drive a different loop than most SSDs in the market. The drive comes in black and white color that leverages used with 3.0 but counted a handy adapter. So it can be used with these types II as well,  the drive is aimed at those who are looking to use an easy and portable backup solution and has password protection and 256 AES hardware encryption. The drive is compatible with both Windows and Mac and offers backup options including syncing files across multiple devices.

5. ADATA HD830 5TB Ruggedized IP68 Extra Strength USB3.1

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The ADATA HD830 is an external hard drive that is virtually indestructible. As it features triple-layered construction and started aluminum exterior that can withstand downward pressure up to 3,000 kilograms. Wellbeing both water and dustproof this  Hardware, it comes with storage options from two termites to five terabytes and has USB 3.0 generation one interface that is optimized for Mac Windows and  Linux the hard drive features shock sensors that are large so when an impact is detected.

6. Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD

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The Samsung T7 Touch SSD gives you incredible speed and security in a  starting metal body in a palm-sized package. You can transfer massive files whether they’re games movies or sensitive work files within seconds with USB 3.0  generation to end. Its PCIe nvme technology facilitates faster read and writes speed. The t7 touch SSD has a  storage option from 512 gigabytes to 2  terabytes. The palm-size device fits easily inside your pocket. And has a strong durable design and the metal body who takes the drive from impact.

The t7 touch features and elegant square which houses the biometric security that gives high-level protection to your sensitive files. With the t7 touch access your files from any device whether it’s a PC  Mac Android device or gaming consoles with included USB type-c to C and type C  to a cables. The t7 touch comes with upgraded software for PC Mac and Android who set up the password fingerprint or to get the latest firmware updates.

7. WD 4TB My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive

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Western Digital is well recognized for its quality computer hard drives and other data storage drives. The My Passport Ultra from Western Digital is a  portable external drive that comes with storage capacity from one terabyte to five terabytes and features both USB  type-c and USB 3.1 making it way easier and way to expand your storage for your  PC. My Passport Ultra is a Windows really device for plug-and-play storage out of the box and with the WD  discovery software you can download NTFS  drivers so the Mac OS to get seamless data compatibility without needing to reformat.

The WD Discovery software offers 256 bit AES hardware encryption to password protect your drive along with the ability to easily backup your photos videos and documents from popular social media and cloud storage services like Facebook Dropbox and Google Drive to my passport ultra drive to help preserve your online life. My passport ultra has to fuse modern anodized metal and textures well coming in a variety of colors to match with your unique personal style.

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