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You’re in luck if you’re in the market for the best gaming laptop deals on offer. We’ve rounded up a whole roster of excellent offers for your perusal from cheap and cheerful machines that still feature powerful SSDs to high-end gaming powerhouses. We filtered out all of the gaming laptop deals you won’t want to waste your time with to bring you the highest quality discounts from around the web. In this review we’re gonna be checking out the top 5 best budget gaming laptops in the market today.

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Here’s the list of best budget gaming laptop in 2021

1. ASUS TUF FX705 17.3″ FHD LED-Backlight Gaming Laptop

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The number five on our best budget gaming laptop is  Asus TUF Gaming FX705. The Asus TUF Gaming laptop is another GTX 1650 equipped laptop that sits just below nine hundred dollars. Instead of Intel Inside you’re looking at an AMD’s Ryzen-7 3750H 8gb of memory and a 512GB SSD. All of those components power the 17.3 inches 144 Hertz 1080p display that sits just above a military-grade keyboard. That should take any abuse you can throw at it. Guess it had to earn it’s a tough name somehow right.

You shouldn’t have any issues hitting 120FPS to match the displays refresh rate on this gaming laptop. The TUF gaming FX 705 is a good choice for anyone who wants a large mid-range gaming laptop. The FX705 17.3 inch 144 Hertz display is vivid and detailed. And its Ryzen-7 CPU and GTX 1650 GPU provide excellent all-around performance. The laptop also has a comfortable keyboard with customizable lighting, plenty of ports in over four hours of battery life. Which is impressive for a gaming laptop at any price point. With an angular black and red design, the Asus tough gaming FX 705 doesn’t stray far from the gaming laptop ordinary.

The color scheme is practically a uniform for machines like this and the overall look telegraphs typical gaming laptop in its size and shape and $900 it’s unrealistic to expect. The Asus TUF Gaming FX705 to give you everything you need to play your favorite brand new games at maximum graphics settings. That’s not what this class of laptop is built to do what it will do is get you close this machine should get you medium to high-quality graphics performance at acceptable frame rates.

It’s an especially good value for esports competitors and players of MOBAs who don’t require a lot of graphics processing to fuel their daily drives it’s not as thin or as light as some of the newer Nvidia max Q based devices such as the Razer Blade and the battery life needs work also. The economy-minded plastic heavy build merely treads water within its pool of competitors but it is a lower cost of the alternative to some other GeForce GTX 1650 powered machines that perform well for a decent price.

2. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC

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The number four on our list is Acer predator Helios 300. Arguably Acer’s predator Helios 300 will get you the best performance when compared to the rest of the laptops on this list. It’s a budget-oriented predator model with great parts at just shy of $1,000. It sports an Intel Core i7 9750 HQ processor, GTX 1660 GPU, 16gb DDR4 memory and a 15.6 inch full HD 1920 by 1080 144 Hertz display. A laundry list of ports including HDMI will ensure you have enough room to plug any accessories or peripherals into the predator.

And with up to 7 hours of claimed battery life, this cheap gaming laptop could double as a work machine or at least make flights a bit less boring. Again the GeForce GTX 1660 TI and helios 300 proved their mettle averaging 81 frames per second FPS and 90 FPS on titles like far cry 5 at full settings for a laptop of this price is no joke and it represents a great value. You’d be handily over the 60 FPS target for Triple-A games and can even leverage the high refresh rate of the 144 Hertz display to some degree with settings turned down or in less demanding competitive multiplayer titles. You can make even fuller use of that vast panel.

It’s always enjoyable to see a product get the upper hand on a significantly more expensive competitor but does that make the predator Helios 300 worthwhile, short yes, currently you can pick up the Acer predator Helios 300 on sale from Amazon for 1099 dollars of the systems included in these tests. The two that came closest to matching the predator Helios 300 or the DELL G7 15 and the MSI gs70. The latter notebook costs 1699 dollars these higher price tags may come with some extra features and benefits like MSI gs70 richer and more compact form factor but in terms of raw performance neither of those more expensive systems best the Acer predator Helios 300.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop

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At number three we’ve got Lenovo IdeaPad L340. Lenovo’s IdeaPad L340 gaming was recently upgraded to include an Nvidia GTX 1650 alongside an up to ninth-generation intel core i7 processor. Like most gaming laptops, you can find the L340 gaming in 15 and 17-inch models. However, it won’t cost you a single extra dime to get the big version of this machine. Both models, yes that includes a 17-inch model are available at 950 dollars starting price. We picked out a higher-end model that’s actually in stock right now.

So, if a little extra screen real estate without the Gil is what you’re looking for, the 17 inch IdeaPad L 340 might just be what you’re looking for. The low price is the biggest plus, Lenovo has polished the chassis of the v155 a bit and put cheap but also game ready hardware into the 15-inch case the result is the IdeaPad L340 gaming, which has a price of fewer than 800 euros or 872 dollars.

Of course, there’s no high-end gaming here in our review. We will show exactly where compromises need to be made. The case of the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 gaming is made of plastic that has been finished with a smooth surface and simulates the look of brushed material. The workmanship is good and the edges are smooth and even the weight of the base allows the lid to be opened with one hand.

Furthermore, the screens opening angle is180 degrees and the display is surrounded by narrow bezels. The only shortcoming is that the great susceptibility to fingerprints. Which is especially found on the top side of the lid if you’re looking out for a gaming laptop that won’t break your budget the IdeaPad L340 gaming 15 might seem like a pretty tempting choice. In fact, at first sight, the laptop looks very good and if it wasn’t for the sticker, gaming on the base of the chassis one would never tell that this device has the ability to run some triple-a titles. Everything just seems too good to be true.

Because it is its low prices, mainly derived from its poor build quality and TN panel. Of course, you can go for the IPS version but then you’re approaching Legion y540 territory and the IdeaPad L340 gaming 15-inch becomes less appealing especially with the modest GPU choice. You have a GTX 1050 with only 3 GB of memory as well as a 4gb GeForce GTX 1650which would be a natural choice you should go for this machine pairing the laptop with a budget panel was natural. Given the price tag, our configuration was equipped with a 1080p TN panel FHD  that excels in terms of response time, this is important for gamers and has no PWM in use for brightness adjustment.

On the other side, the display is too dim for outdoor usage has a horrendous contrast ratio and terrible viewing angles. Again, doing so will set you back some more of that sweet green cache which means you may probably pay just a little bit extra and get the Acer nitro 5 or the newly updated HP Pavillion gaming 2019 both of which have better battery life and better upgradeability.

All in all, we don’t think the IdeaPad L340 gaming 15-inch is really that bad of a device, it just carries too much of the older Ideapad 330 with itself. And is not really focused on gaming. Should they lower the price or update some of the features of this notebook? It is going to be a perfect match for gamers on a budget.

4. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

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The runner-up of our best budget gaming laptop is HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop. This was the absolute cheapest gaming laptop last year and we’ve held it over this year for much of the same reason. Its components are still capable of keeping up with medium gamers and it’s an incredible value you get a 1050Ti. Which is basically the bare minimum graphics card you need to still hit acceptable performance levels in gaming.

It’s worth the small extra cost over the vanilla GTX 1050. That’s available in the base model but on top of that, it comes with an i5 8300H 8 GB of RAM and a 1tb 7200 rpm hard drive. Better still it looks the part of a gaming laptop with a green backlit keyboard and sharp aggressive angles. This is the ultimate budget gaming laptop and it’s hardware trade-offs are a minor price to pay for such affordability. The gaming pavilion 15 has as its name suggests a 15.6-inch display.

The IPS panel operates natively at 1920 by 1080 and has a 144 Hertz refresh rate. Our review unit achieved an average maximum brightness of 324 CDM squared according to x-rite IL pro 2, making it the brightest screen in our comparison table below. Unfortunately, the display suffers from a comparatively high black value that we measured at 0.42 CD / M Squared which limits the contrast ratio to a measly 821 to one. Only one of our comparison devices has a ratio higher than 1001 which is something we would expect from any class of laptop costing fifteen hundred dollars.

The panel has a short response time though which will please gamers as will the lack of pulse width modulation or PWM. The bottom line is the HP Pavilion 15 gaming laptop proves it’s possible to get a decent gaming laptop for under $1,000 but not without making some sacrifices. The $999 rig delivers solid overall performance but you’ll have to turn down the settings to play most games at the screens native 1080p resolution.

The razer inspired keyboard offers a good typing experience while the cool Sense technology keeps the temperature within a reasonable range. Despite its strengths can’t overlook the pavilions dim display, slow transfer times in short battery life for the same price you can get the Lenovo Y700 which offers a brighter and more vibrant display better audio faster performance and an elegant aluminum chassis. However, if you want to come competent sub $1,000 gaming laptop that can perform productivity tasks with ease the HP Pavillion gaming laptop is worth considering.

5. MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX -615 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

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The winner of the best budget gaming laptop of our list is  MSI GF63 Thin 9CRX-615.  The touring based GTX 1650 debuted as a low price yet high-performance mobile GPU and MSI’s GF63 thin delivers on that promise priced at about $800. The GF 63 thin comes with an intel core i5 8300H GTX1650 8 GB of memory, 256gb SSD and a15.6 inch 1080p display.  Naturally, the MSI GF63 thin has the same tried and true look that MSI’s gaming laptops are known for.

A black housing, sharp edges, bright red highlights and a bright red keyboard oh and this one weighs in at a fairly light 4.1 pounds. The MSI GF63 is designed for people who want to game but don’t want to spend a fortune to do so. You get a solid performance from its Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia graphics. It offers excellent performance at a reasonable price allowing you to play most modern games at low settings. It’s a great choice for an entry-level player.

The MSI GF63 lowers the price of entry for narrow bezel gaming laptops to just 750 US dollars and it is significantly lighter and smaller than competitors in that price range. If you want a laptop for mainstream gaming that is also portable enough for school work for less than a grand then the GF 63 is an excellent option. Its combination of gaming performance affordability and mobility were unheard of just a year ago when narrow bezels were limited to pricey flagship models like the XPS 15 9560 or gigabyte Aero 15x.

In order to offer such a light 15.6-inch gaming laptop for a low price, MSI had to drop several features from the GF 62VR, potential buyers should be aware that the GF 63 is more streamlined with no number pad tri-zone RGB lighting or SDreader users who wish for GTX 1060 graphics will also be out of luck. Whereas the highest GPU option is the GTX 1050TI max Q. Fortunately, core gaming performance is reliable when plugged in with a decent battery life for less-demanding tasks.

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